We We love Web Design Web Design.

We We love Web Design Web Design.

"The web design that Barta Media Group developed for our publicly traded company has exceeded my expectations. We get nothing but very positive feedback about it and some have said it's one of the best websites they've seen..." Read more testimonials


We create websites that serve their purpose.
Websites have different purposes.  Sometimes a website is an online brochure that gives basic information about your company and is more about adding credibility to your business,Gianesville Web design even though the bulk of your marketing takes place elsewhere and in other ways.  Sometimes, however, your website is the actual driving force behind your sales and IS your major marketing avenue.  We can develop both kinds of sites.

Either directly or indirectly, your website should increase revenue and bring you more business.

Reach Your Goals

The Website Design process: What to expect.

Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to work with you as a new client.  If so, here is the short version of what you can expect:

The first thing we would need to do is establish what your goals and needs are for your website; what you want it to accomplish.  Whether it is simply an informational site, a landing page, an online store (e-commerce), a blog or something in between - we start here.

Secondly, we like to find out what you like.  While we are always happy to make suggestions or even start with no direction at all, we like to find out if you have a particular look / feel in mind already.  We converge your business goals and design tastes with our marketing expertise and creativity to develop a web design that suits you perfectly.

After we have established the essentials up front, we get to work on your web design.  Shortly after we begin you will be able to view non-functional mock-ups (screenshots) of the design we have created for you.  Viewing the mock-ups allow you to see what your website will look like once it is created.  By using Photoshop mock-ups you are able to make changes to the design much more quickly and easily than after it is coded.  It saves time and helps us get your project done quickly.

Once the mock-up has been approved we go to work taking it apart and turning it into your marvelous web design.  We use clean code languages like HTML, PHP, CSS and Java Script so that your site will load fast and be search engine friendly.

After building your web pages and adding your content it’s time for a final review and then the launch!

And that’s just the beginning!!!

Read about ongoing SEO services, maintenance and more.

Web Design.

Web Design is at the heart of Barta Media Group.
It’s pretty much a fact: In today’s connected world, every business that wants to stay in business must have a website – and a good one at that. This is something you probably already know, or you wouldn’t be reading this. 


We build attractive websites and web design.
It’s your 24/7/365 storefront – it really should look good!

Your website is, more often than not, the first impression your potential clients have of your business.  In fact, if your site is getting proper exposure, most of the people who visit your website have yet to meet you and know very little about your business.  This is why your website MUST look great!  Your website should paint you in the best light possible so that your site visitors quickly recognize your business as professional and respectable.  


We build custom web sites. 
For us, no two web sites are the same.
  We do not use templates or online software to charge you for a canned website that you could have done yourself.  We take pride in creating sites that are attractive and pleasing to the eye.  

This is important for several reasons:

  1. Every website we design is unique.  You are unique. Your business is unique. Your web design should be unique. 
  2. We build your website from the ground up so that it can be much more search engine friendly. There is no extra, poorly written code to get in the way of the search engines - just clean, updated coding that helps your website get found.
  3. We have the flexibility and creativity to work with virtually any industry.  We have specifically chosen to keep ourselves free from locking it to one particular niche with our web design.  We create websites for small and medium sized businesses in multiple fields.
  4. That same flexibility allows us to work with just about any budget.  We understand the philosophy of “getting the most bang for your buck” and that is what we do.  We do not build “cheap websites” but we do design web sites that are cost effective and great for your ROI.  We can almost always find a way to work with just about any reasonable budget.

We aim for your target market.
At Barta Media Group we understand how to reach your target market with our web design.  When we begin to build your website we take a look at what your target audience needs to see and then incorporate it into your site – seamlessly. 

Website design Gainesville, GAA simple example: While recently working with a new client who was starting his own wealth management firm, we found out that his target market was an older demographic of retirees; a more mature crowd. Taking these "target" factors into consideration, we decided to:

1.  Use a larger font so that it is easier to read.
2. Use imagery that exudes an exciting retirement (sailboats, grandchildren, vacations, etc.).
3. Use subtle colors and graphics and don’t try to get overly modern or artistic.
4. Use a simplified site navigation that made it easy to get to any page even if the user is not web-savvy.

On the other hand, when designing a site for a publicly traded nutrition company, we take another design approach: we used brighter colors, sharper graphics, and images of people who exude youthfulness and energy - who are in great physical shape.  It obviously helps to motivate their potential clientele to buy a product that can help them look great too.

These are just a few of the more basic, simple things that we think about when designing your website.  Reaching your target audience is how you’ll build your business – and we can help!


Email blasts or campaigns can be a very effective way to stay in touch with your existing clients and contacts. You can easily remind them of your services and get the word out about special promotions and offers. Using your web design as a style guide, we can create a completely custom email blast that offers a seamless transition from your client's inbox to your website. Plus we can handle your entire campaign from start to finish! Contact Us to find out more!
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