A Web Designer’s Color Theory

Color is a powerful thing. It can set the tone of a room, impact our emotions, and draw our attention. To branding experts and designers, color is one of the most important tools at their disposal. If you’re a designer, you must know how to use color to enhance your imagery and to win the correct responses from your audience.

This post will go over some basic color theory to help give you a foundational understanding of how color is used in web design, branding, and how it can affect human behavior.

The Color Wheel & Color Schemes

The basics of color theory begins with the color wheel, a circle comprised of different colored sections to represent the relationship between colors. These sections include primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

A designer can then take several of these colors and arrange them to create a color scheme that will serve as a foundational part of a business’s brand. There are 5 different color scheme models that most designers use.