Content Management Systems: Duluth, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Atlanta, GA: Barta Media Group

Do I need a CMS?

A content management system is the "back end" or "admin portal" to your website that allows you to login and update certain areas of site. It can be customized so that you are able to update some or all your website content, pictures, videos and more.

A CMS website is built differently than a typical website. It is built with a database that populates the site. Your site admin can easily login to the database portal to update the website. Our content management systems make editing is as easy as working on a Word document.

Many of our clients do not wish to use a CMS because they would rather have someone else (us) take care of their updates. We are happy to go this route with our customers. We have several packages that include monthly maintenance at a reasonable price. If the changes are frequent and substantial, however, a CMS can be the best and most cost effective option.

CMS Basics

  • A good CMS is easy to login & edit; like working on a Word document
  • A well written CMS will keep your website search engine friendly by using clean, lightweight code
  • By utilizing a CMS you are able to delegate your web updating to anyone in your company, quickly and easily
  • Custom shipping settings so the customer can figure shipping costs
  • If you make changes to your website content once a month or more, you are a perfect candidate for a CMS. It will be much more cost effective in the long run
  • We are also able to build a custom website using some of the popular CMS websites that are already available such as Wordpress or Blogger
  • All of our online stores are complete content management systems as well. You are able to login and make changes to virtually anything on the site including products, categories, descriptions, costs and more