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How do Email Campaigns work?

Email campaigns are a series of emails sent to your contacts list. They are usually based or themed around a particular promotion or service. At Barta Media Group, we can create responsive html emails for your campaign. Instead of a plain text email, your contacts will receive what looks like a stripped down webpage that can be viewed on both desktops and mobile devices.

By using your current website or other marketing materials as a style guide, we create a cohesive email campaign that offers a nearly seamless transition from your readers' inbox to their internet browser.

Email marketing is very effective asset in your company's arsenal of marketing strategies.

Easy Maintenance

If desired, we can design email templates that you can edit yourself as often or as little as you would like. You can easily update your email content, mailing lists, contacts and photos without messing up the design. You need no knowledge of HTML or other techie acronyms. If you can work on a Word document you can use our email marketing system. You also receive detailed reports on the effectiveness of your campaign after each blast.

While many people like the above mentioned feature, it has become an popular choice to allow BMG to build and maintain your custom blasts. Other than the actual content, we handle it all: design, coding, list imports, campaign setup and the send schedule. Talk about easy - and very much effective!

Can the Spam

Our email blast program also takes multiple precautions to protect you from being labeled as a "sp*mmer". First, certain ".txt" records are created that should be added to your domain name. This validates your domains so the emails do not look like they are coming from a random and rogue sender - the kind we all hate.

Secondly, you will be asked to verify that the email addresses in your database were acquired appropriately. These measures are taken not only for the well being of the online community as a whole, but for your domain's as well.