Pay Per Click, Adwords, PPC Marketing: Duluth, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Atlanta, GA: Barta Media Group

What is PPC?

PPC is a way for your business to pay to be listed higher in the search results for particular keywords. As alluded to above, it's basically a giant online auction. Whoever is willing to pay the most for a particular search term or phrase gets the highest and most prominent placement on the search page.

In most search engines, the PPC ads are displayed above the organic listings. This provides greater visibility and offers companies a quick and effective way to attract potential customers.

How can we help?

We are able to run and manage your PPC campaign with success and accuracy so you receive the most advertising possible for your dollar. We:

  • Develop targeted campaigns to geo-specific areas
  • Set up ads to be displayed at specific times of the day and week - when your audience will be doing the most searches
  • Run keyword analysis in order to identify the best targeted keywords and key phrases
  • Coincide your PPC campaigns with SEO campaigns to target specific pages, promotions, blogs or separate landing pages
  • Run your ads on content networks so people who are searching for other similar items will see your ad displayed

Looking for Local?

At Barta Media Group we are able to strategically target your Adwords campaigns so they only display where your audience is searching from. That way you are not wasting money by advertising to people who are outside of your service area.

We also can display your Adwords campaigns only at certain times of the day and week. This is beneficial for businesses who are only open during certain hours or whose demographic profiles indicate search patterns are only at certain hours.

It's much like middle-of-the-night infomercial designed for better mattresses and sleeping aids. We can set up your ads to run only when your audience is looking.


Whereas SEO is a more "merit" based approach (make a great site with great content that plays well with search engines and it will be bound to rise in their rankings), PPC is a more brute force method: pay the search engines to feature your website.

So, should your business invest in PPC or SEO? Well, the answer is both as they both have their benefits. When it comes to making a choice between the two, here is what we suggest: SEO is usually going to provide the most "bang for your buck" in the long run because your site will naturally rise to the top of the list.

PPC is highly recommended for a business just starting out, however. SEO takes some time for it's effects to kick in while you can see results from PPC very quickly.