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Atlanta Biologicals is a leading biotechnology supplier that provides essential products and services for cell culture applications. Their high-performance cell culture products are used by life science professionals in academic, industrial, and governmental research and development settings.

Design & Development

Atlanta Biological’s website is a large-scale e-commerce that offers hundreds of life science products. To aid the user in their search, products are organized into categories and subcategories. Users can also use a search bar to find products based on name and product number. The site also has a Fast Order page so that regular customers with accounts can quickly restock their inventories.

The website was built on WordPress and uses Woocommerce to power their online store. With these platforms, Atlanta Biologicals has complete control of their site. Their staff can check and send through orders, add/remove products, adjust their prices, offer coupons/promotions, and manipulate the content on their site.

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