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Greer Spill Control, Inc. develops and sells high-quality oil and chemical spill control products to combat and clean up spills of any type and size. Greer’s website needed to be completely overhauled with a fresh new design and an online checkout to give customers the ability to purchase products over the internet.


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Website Design

Greer’s new website features a stripped-down navigation that makes it easier for customers to find the products and information they’re looking for. Customers can efficiently browse products using a variety of categories and subcategories to filter their options. There is also a search bar so that customers can search for products by name and other characteristics.

Greer’s product pages feature high-quality images and detailed specifications so that customers know exactly what they’re getting. The website’s payment gateway accepts all major credit cards, giving customers plenty of checkout options.

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With their new website, Greer Spill Control can better represent their brand while offering their customers a better user experience to browse and purchase their products online.

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