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HiFi Buys is a high-fidelity audio gear retailer iconic to Atlanta. They came to Barta Media Group in need of a promotional campaign to advertise the grand opening of their Buckhead location. The grand opening was set to be a 3-day event, each day having a new group of key speakers to represent their products.

Display Ads


We also set up a display ad campaign to promote the event. These display ads were geo-targeted to the Atlanta area and would only be shown to users interested in high-end audio equipment. The targeting of these ads was further broken down by income, gender, and search history.

Campaign Results

Over an 11-day period, both the PPC and display ads generated 568 pageviews (making up 27.23% of the total traffic) and brought 388 unique users to the grand opening landing page. This translated to over 300 people walking into the store during the course of the 3-day-long event.


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