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Resolute Capital Partners is a provider of mezzanine debt and minority equity for small, growing businesses throughout the United States. The founders of Resolute came to Barta Media Group in need of a new website because they were in the process of breaking off from their old firm to start their own. They also needed a logo and color palette that would accentuate their new brand.


For Resolute’s logo, we wanted something that would signify the unshakable character that their name implies. This brought us to using a mountain as the primary imagery for the brand. The two mountain peaks worked nicely with the “R” to create a unique and recognizable icon. For a color palette, we chose cool blues and blue-green colors. These colors exemplify the poised and levelheaded approach Resolute takes when handling its client’s investments.

Resolute Capital Partners Logos
resolute capital partners branding guide

Web Design

responsive versions of Resolute Capital Partners website

Sticking with the primary imagery, we chose to use a snowy mountain landscape for the site’s main banner. We also included a panel that introduces the Resolute’s team of financial experts. The website uses responsive design so that it resizes to fit perfectly on mobile and tablet.

Print Design

print design for Resolute Capital Partners

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