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Properly optimized websites receive traffic from the major search engines like Google and Bing at no additional cost per visitor. Websites need to be developed correctly to be acceptable to the search engine spiders that crawl through each page. As a trusted Duluth SEO company, we work hard to get your site found. There are no guarantees with any search engines, but strong campaigns can place a site in the top of the results.


Search Engine Optimization Basics

Organic optimization is how well your site naturally ranks in search engines - not including paid services like PPC. Our Duluth SEO team examines several key organic ranking factors including:

responsive websites

Tracking & Reports

As an experienced SEO company Duluth, GA, our search engine optimization team uses highly sophisticated software to provide our customers with detailed reports on their website's optimization score along with a plethora of other rank-determining criteria.  This score takes into consideration the on-page optimization, inbound links and a much more. 

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