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What makes SMM different?

There are many things to consider and keep in mind when starting your social media marketing campaigns. SMM is not conventional marketing like a mailer or an email blast. It is not about selling. Instead, it is about nurturing the connection between your business and the interests of your fanbase. Social media is about what is important to customers with small, non-pressure mentions of the benefits of your business.

This delicate style of marketing can be confusing if you come from a world of old-school marketing and promotion. This is why Barta Media Group is your go-to company when it comes to social networking for business. We understand people. We understand your customers. We take the time to understand your business and core values and couple them with a social campaign that will give you the results you desire.

Planning your SMM Campaign

Any successful marketing campaign must have a plan of action, a direction with clearly defined benchmarks and goals. SMM is no different. You can’t just throw something against the wall and hope it sticks. This is a sure fire way to fail at social marketing and potentially harm your brand. We take the time to research and create a plan of action over a set period of time for your business.

We measure results on a monthly basis and provide you with detailed insight into your campaigns and initiatives. These plans can range from a small three-month program (shorter campaigns are not recommended) up to and beyond twelve-month campaigns. The best plan is to create a three-campaign year that can be tweaked and altered according to your marketing calendar.

Executing your SMM Campaign

You understand what to expect from SMM and you have established a solid plan to implement. The next step is execution. Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, Barta Media Group employs the tools and knowledge to successfully execute your campaign with your business. The initial set up, monitoring, design and distribution of content are all things to consider when executing your campaigns. Keeping a keen eye on the ups and down of your social marketing can be crucial to it’s success.

Timely responses to questions, posts that initiate relevant conversations, photos that engage and drive conversation about your brand - all of these play a vital role. We combine years of research with result driven content to help you execute your campaign in the most effective way.

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SMM and Return on Investment

As with any marketing initiative, ROI is a crucial factor. Your money is an investment and we will treat it as such. We have many tools available to track and keep you up to date on engagement and brand recognition. You can expect a monthly report on your campaigns and how they are translating into potential clients and customers alike.

The best return on investment is our six and twelve month programs. With your industry expertise and our understanding of people, you can have rock solid social media strategy.

Social Media isn't just for kids

People of all ages use social networking websites. It's not just younger generations making use of them anymore.

Social Media Marketing targets a wider age group than most business owners realize. SMM should always be something your company considers in it's overall marketing strategy.

graph showing percentages reflecting how much a particular social media website's users are a certain age

Other BMG Services to build on your SMM Campaign:

Video Production

You don't have to be Hollywood material to have your own commercial. In fact, it's very simple and relatively inexpensive. Consider putting together a few short, to the point commercials that talk about your business. Offer tips and tricks to help educate your potential clients and briefly let them know who you are.

It is important to refrain from pushing your products or services too much. Offering something first (for free) makes your audience a lot more receptive to your message and the advice you offer. This in turn makes you their first choice for future needs.

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You don't have to be a Pulitzer worthy writer to have a successful blog; thank goodness. A blog is an excellent way to develop a following online. If you are willing to write on a regular basis about your business and experiences, you will begin to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Your followers will have the ability to learn from you (as the expert) and also link to your site and easily share your words with the world (Digg, Tweet, etc.).

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