Irina Hall

Video Production

Irina started her creative journey being a classical ballet dancer in Russian. At the age of 20, she decided to completely flip her life around and move to the United States to start her whole new life. Irina came to the US in 2010 and went to school for Theatre with majors in Acting and Dance. After her graduation, she made many valuable industry connections and became deeply involved with filmmaking on various levels.

Soon after, Irina began working in production management and coordination. She learned how to decorate sets, operate cameras, and set up lighting equipment. She also started directing and producing various short films as well as commercial video productions. She worked in the marketing department of a growing tech company in Pittsburgh, PA as a video producer for 3 years, after which she moved to Atlanta and started working with Barta Media Group.

Irina is always full of creative ideas. Storytelling and cinematography are two distinct qualities that make her videos so engaging and appealing to audiences.