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As a health care clinic, it’s important to show that you deliver excellent care to your patients. And part of showing the level of care you provide includes having a website that presents your clinic in the best possible light. Barta Media Group has provided web design for health care clinics across the Metro Atlanta area. No matter what kind of practice you have, we can build you a website that helps you stand out and delivers a positive message to your patients.

Case Study: Medical Aesthetics at Guilford

Medical Aesthetics at Guilford is a medical cosmetic clinic that offers various cosmetic and non-invasive weight loss procedures. When they came to us, they were in desperate need of a website and a complete brand overhaul. So without delay, our team got straight to work on a logo, the website, a billboard campaign, and marketing materials for print.


When designing the logo, we wanted to create something that emphasized Guilford’s commitment to delivering treatments that enhance their patient’s sense of beauty. What we ended up with was an elegantly sketched female figure laying on top of the logo with the clinic’s name in a light script font. We then chose shades of violet and a light blue as the brands primary and secondary colors.

Medical Aesthetics at Guilford logo

branding guide for Medical Aesthetics at Guilford

Billboard Design

For the billboard campaign, the clinic wanted to use two different designs. One for advertising the clinic as a whole to show the primary services they offer, and another one promoting their Cutera laser treatments. These billboards were put up in close proximity to the clinic so that people wouldn’t have to drive far to stop in for a visit.

billboards designed for Medical Aesthetics at Guilford

Print Marketing Design

We designed Guilford a full print marketing package consisting of business cards, flyers, brochures, a folder packet, and a retractable banner for tradeshows.

print marketing designed for Medical Aesthetics at Guilford

Find Marketing Success for Your Clinic at Barta Media Group

With all the right pieces in place, Medical Aesthetics at Guilford was fully equipped to promote their clinic and earn greater recognition in their area. We even recorded an advertisement that played on Pandora radio to target listeners.

With the help of our expert team, you too can increase your health care clinic’s exposure in both the real and online world. To contact Barta Media Group about designing a new website or developing a marketing campaign, give us a call at 678-464-5785 or fill out the contact form below. You can also view more of our work on our Portfolio.


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