About Barta Media Group

Who We Are

Barta Media Group is a custom web development and marketing company that offers visibility solutions to businesses wanting to expand their brand’s reach and influence. Whether online or out in the real world, we want to help you tell your story and grow your business.

Blue Key Interactive LogoBarta Media Group & Blue Key Interactive

Barta Media Group acquired Blue Key Interactive in January 2016. Their expertise in the digital landscape has allowed us to broaden our capabilities and are a valuable addition to the company.

What Makes Us Different

When a business becomes a client of Barta Media Group, it has the unique advantage of being able to carry out multiple business and marketing strategies at the same time. For instance, while we’re building your website, we can also be designing a billboard or developing a social media campaign.

As a client, you won’t have to go to another company to have a different aspect of your marketing done. Plus you’ll have easy access to our in-house team who can help you work out solutions to your business’s greatest challenges.

Core Values

  • The Work – Let your work carry the weight of your words.
  • Team Up – Allow your teammates to make up where you lack. Then get better.
  • Think Complexly, But Do Simply – The simplest solutions are not found by thinking simply. They require hard thought and a scrutinizing mind.
  • Take Yourself Out of It – Commit yourself to the work, not to the ego that produced it.
  • Do What Needs Doing – Initiative is contagious. Spread it around.
  • Learn the Ropes Before Braiding Your Own – Be a good student and learn all that you can. Then take the chalkboard home with you.

Our Culture

The Barta Media Group culture is an inclusive culture. Not just for our employees, but for our clients too. We want to be able to offer our clients the best web development and marketing services possible. To achieve this goal, we continuously build on our achievements so that we can deliver the quality of service our clients deserve.