“Barta Media Group knows how to make beautiful websites”

I can’t speak highly enough of Jason Barta and his web design and internet marketing team. They have taken care of many aspects of my online presence. Barta Media Group knows how to make beautiful websites, manage SEO, increase organic search engine visibility, grow an honest and meaningful online reputation and create professional video production. I can not be happier knowing that I have Jason Barta and Barta Media group in my corner managing my website and online presence. Thank you!

Dr. Colin P. Lentz, DDS

Owner, Lanier Valley Dentistry

“Recommend whole-heartedly”

I can’t say enough good things about Jason Barta. His expertise and skill at web design far exceeded my expectations, which were high. I’d heard from colleagues that Jason’s work would impress me, but I still wasn’t prepared for the wonderful results he provided. He honored my ideas and improved on them immensely. I am thrilled with Jason Barta’s service and recommend him whole-heartedly.

David Lawler

Owner, Law Offices of David M. Lawler

“Increased Our Profit Exponentially”

As a new business owner that thrives off internet exposure, I’ve learned quickly that basic websites and SEO just doesn’t cut it. The difference from one year using a basic FREE website and using a CUSTOM website built by Barta Media Group is a world of difference. Socket Doctors presence on search engines has increased substantially, and has allowed us to increase our profit exponentially.

Brad Puckett

Owner, Socket Doctors

“Almost every phone call is from somebody that found us on Google”

We used Barta Media Group to do our website and SEO, and it has produced fantastic results. Every time our phone rings, almost every call is from someone who has found us on Google. Plus, our phones are ringing more than ever before! Barta Media Group has definitely done a great job for us!

Kimberly Milligan-Perez

Cool Masters Heating & Air Conditioning