10 Ways To Resurrect Your Cold Calls

by | Sep 3, 2016 | Tips & Tricks

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When the prospects aren’t calling you, you should be calling them! We all hate to do it, but cold calling does work. So you don’t have to like it, but you do have to do it. Now let’s get started.

I know, I know, cold calling can be nightmarish at times. However, you’d be surprised by how effective they can be if done properly.

1. Power Hour

Dedicate time each day to prospect. In the beginning, I suggest one hour a day, five hours a week. It’s important that you put this on your calendar so that it becomes a routine and not just a task that you’ll eventually get around to doing.

2. Do Your Homework

This activity should also be factored into your PowerHour. Know the reason for calling before you call. This will help you gear up your conversation and know which customer benefits to discuss (you never want to discuss product features on a cold call—it sounds too salesy).

3. The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Remember that your competition is working while you’re sleeping. Cases show that cold calls made earlier in the morning tend to be more successful. You have a better chance of avoiding the receptionist and the executives have downtime before their meetings kickoff for the day.

4. No Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Don’t sound like a freaking robot! You’re a human so talk to the prospect like a human. Sounding too scripted and not giving the prospect a chance to speak before you go through your entire commercial will ruin you. Remember, it’s very important that you keep the cold call conversational.

5. Smile and Dial

Having a good attitude and a smile on your face can be felt through the phone. You’ll never make people listen to you if you’re sending bad vibes through the phone line. Don’t get me wrong, you could do everything right and still have someone hang up on you. But don’t lose that smile or your go-getter attitude!

6. Equal Business Stature

My mom always told me: “command respect, never demand it.” This is especially important when talking to gatekeepers. If you sound like you don’t belong they’ll keep you out! If you sound like you’re afraid to talk about your business and how you can help that business owner, they won’t listen! Be confident and competent, respectful, yet firm.

7. What Did You Say Your Name Was?

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “Be nice to the gatekeeper.” While this is true, you still have to go beyond that. Make sure you get their name and repeat it. Make them feel special and ask them for their help. As humans, we all want to feel needed, and we all want to help.

8. Who’s The Boss?

Always call one level higher in an organization than you believe is necessary. Personally, I only call on owners, CEOs, or V-level executives.

9. Stay Out Of Voicemail Jail

Keep it short and sweet. Try not to sound like your competition or even worse, the people you never call back.

10. Lucky Number Seven

Following up is so crucial when prospecting. Just because the CEO didn’t answer their phone doesn’t mean they’re off the hook! I go by the rule of seven, meaning I will follow up with a prospect seven times before closing the file. Of course, I spread this activity out by a week or two. Leaving voicemails and sending emails is key. Make sure your emails are not violating anti-spam laws—it would suck to have your email blacklisted. I like to use the fact that I emailed the prospect. It acts as an icebreaker because you can ask the prospect if they received your email.

If you don’t get lucky after seven attempts add them to your drip campaign. Include them in newsletters, send them special offers and promotions, you can even send them holiday cards if you think they’re worth it.

The phone does not weigh 100 lbs. Just pick it up and make the call! Try these 10 tips out for at least a month and I promise you’ll improve upon meaningful conversations and meetings set with decision-makers.