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Atlanta Office Liquidators, Inc. (AOLI) is one of the top office furniture retailers in the Southeast. With two showrooms located in Atlanta, they offer an outstanding amount of quality new and pre-owned office furniture. AOLI has been a long-time client of ours, so redesigning their website was a very involved process. Every decision was made to enhance their ongoing marketing efforts while also bringing the design up to current trends and standards.

Home Page Design

AOLI’s new home page features a stunning video background of the Atlanta skyline, proudly showing off the city it calls home. It also features a spinning carousel displaying their featured products, the six primary categories of furniture they offer, a testimonials slider, a promotional video, and information about their two showroom locations.

Old Header Navigation

New Header Navigation

Navigation & Smart Search Bar

One of the biggest overhauls made to the new AOLI site was how it categorized its products and how it allowed users to navigate the pages. On the old site, most of the navigation was in one giant mega menu with three sections: New Furniture, Pre-Owned Furniture, and Other Pages. Under the furniture sections, products were categorized in several different ways with some repetitive terms, which made it confusing for users to find what they were looking for.

We solved this issue on the new site by separating the primary navigation into four dropdown menus.

  • Furniture: Shows links to furniture category pages as well as links to Top Sellers, Feature Items, New Furniture, and Pre-owned Furniture.
  • Brands: Shows links to every brand of furniture AOLI carries
  • Resources: Shows links relating to the company’s services and other information.
  • Showrooms: Shows links to AOLI’s two showroom location pages.

The navigation also features a smart search bar that automatically populates relevant products and categories based on the keywords entered.

Shop Filters

The other major improvement made to the site was completely revamping their shop filter. On their old site, they just had a dropdown menu on each category page to filter products by category. On the new site, we replaced that simple menu with a full-scale filter that allows users to sort and filter products by condition, category, and brand at the same time. This makes it easier for customers to find the exact product they’re looking for no matter what shop page they’re on.

Sustainability Asset Program & Portfolio

A major part of AOLI’s business is their Sustainable Asset Program. This program allows them to decommission old office furniture through recycling, charitable donations, and resale. Their outstanding efforts have resulted in diverting 99% of decommissioned furniture away from landfills. So, we created a special landing page with an infographic, photos, and information about the importance of decommissioning old office furniture.

AOLI has worked with hundreds of offices and businesses around Atlanta, so we made sure they had a visually appealing portfolio page to show off their work. Each portfolio page features a stunning photo gallery that showcases their incredible ability to create unique and functional office spaces.

Before & Afters

AOLI’s website now looks better than ever while offering its customers more freedom to search for products with ease. We are so excited to continue our relationship with them and bring them even more success.

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