Joe N Guy Co


Joe N Guy Construction is one of the most experienced and trusted general contractors in the South. Joe N Guy came to Barta Media Group in need of a fully redesigned website with an interactive portfolio to show off their work.

Web Design

Since most users that land on Joe N Guy’s website are looking for pictures of their previous work, it made sense to design the new site in a way that would draw attention to the company’s project pages. To achieve this, we made the first section of the home page a revolving gallery of their 5 main project categories. Users can then click the category they are interested in to view more project images related to that category.

The second section of the home page features the leadership of the company and little about the company’s history. The third section shows some key facts about the company. The fourth is a small gallery of their most recent projects as well as a link to the Projects page. The fifth and final section features the logos of Joe N Guy’s top clients.

Project Gallery

The Projects page uses a rotating gallery similar to the home page but is separated into categories so that each category has its own image gallery for users to check out. This makes it easy for users to view the type of project photos they are interested in as well as switch categories when they want.

Web Development

The new Joe N Guy website uses the latest responsive design techniques so that it automatically adjusted to perfectly fit on any device. The site was also built on WordPress so that the Joe N Guy team can easily edit their content without the help of a professional web developer.

Before & After

Joe N Guy’s new website features a much more robust project portfolio to show off their work and impress potential new clients. It also uses current design trends so that it will remain looking fresh for many years to come.