Lakeshore Surgical Center


Lakeshore Surgical Center is a medical clinic located in Gainesville, GA that specializes in tubal ligation reversals: a surgical process that reverses tied or obstructed fallopian tubes, giving women a greater chance of becoming pregnant. Lakeshore came to Barta Media Group in need of a fully redesigned website that better presented their brand, patient success stories, and acted as a better online resource.

Web Design

Lakeshore’s new website offers plenty of whitespace with soft accent colors. This color palette gives the site a tranquil feel and makes for easy readability. The site navigation is filled with pages for users to visit and learn about Lakeshore’s services and patient experience. The site also features an extensive testimonial section that shares detailed stories and accounts of past patients who have had successful pregnancies.


The new Lakeshore website was developed using responsive design. This allows the site to automatically adjust its size to fit perfectly on any device. The site also uses the WordPress content management system so that Lakeshore can easily change their content and add new pages. With the comment feature enabled, users can submit questions and comments directly to the site. The Lakeshore staff can then read through the comments, offer replies, and publish them to the site.

Before & After