Mansermar is a property management and development company specializing in affordable housing and community living. They came to Barta Media Group in need of a new website that better organized the distinct aspects of their business and offered a better user experience for finding residential communities they manage.

Website Design & Navigation

Mansermar’s business is divided into two parts – Management and Development. Because of this, they wanted to segment the website into these two sides of the business. To accomplish this, we created separate dropdown menus in the navigation for Management and Development related pages. This would allow users to easily navigate to the information they’re looking for. We also set the primary logo to dynamically change to reflect the brand they’re viewing.

Community Search

Another important aspect of the website was the Community Search page. This page allows users to search all the properties Mansermar manages and send inquiries via a contact form to learn more about a given community. To make searching for a community simpler, we created filters that allow users to sort communities by the states and cities they’re located. Users can then click on a community to learn more about it and submit an inquiry or call the property manager directly.

Before & After

Mansermar’s new website does a better job delineating the different aspects of their business and offers users a simpler way to search the communities they manage, all packaged in a modern, sleek design.