Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center


Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center (MFPS) is a plastic surgery clinic located in Marietta, GA that offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical facial procedures as well as facial reconstruction and medical spa treatments. MFPS was founded and is headed by Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS. Dr. Yellin is nationally renowned for his expertise in creating a natural, beautiful look when performing cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery and reshaping the face with injectable fillers using his Injecta-Lift™ technique. Dr. Yellin came to Barta Media Group in need of a new website that better exemplified the quality and mission of his work.

Functional & Beautiful

Dr. Yellin wanted the new website’s design to be clean, calming, and easy to navigate. To accomplish this, we prioritized the amount of whitespace occupied on each page and used multiple full-width dropdown menus within the header navigation. The site also uses plenty of eye-catching imagery that captures the naturally beautiful results Dr. Yellin is able to give his patients.

Some other prominent features on the new website include a Ken Burns style full-width slider, multiple before and after gallery pages, a video library of Dr. Yellin’s media appearances, and an interactive timeline of recommended aesthetic treatments.

New Header Navigation

Old Header Navigation


The header navigation is organized into four main funnels.

  • Who We Are: Opens a mega-dropdown menu containing links to pages related to the clinic, its staff, and doctors.
  • What We Do: Opens a mega-dropdown menu containing links to treatment pages organized by Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation, Facial Reconstruction, and Medical Spa Services.
  • What We’ve Done: Links to the main Before & After Gallery page where users can select the type of before and after photos they’d like to view.
  • What You Need To Know: Opens a mega-dropdown menu containing links to patient resource pages.

This navigational breakdown allows users to find the information they’re looking for in a simple, comprehensive way. This was a drastic improvement over the old site’s header navigation, as it simplified the navigational process and organized links in a less cluttered layout.

Before & After Gallery

The main Before & After Gallery page has 12 boxes that link to 12 separate before and after galleries. This allows users to easily find before and after photos related to the procedure they’re interested in. As an added touch, each box has a background image of hand-drawn art, giving them an elegant and unique style. Each before and after gallery page features three before and after sliders at the top and more side-by-side photos below. Clicking a side-by-side photo opens a popup showing a larger version of the images as well as additional pictures showing the patient from different angles.

Aging, Decade By Decade

The Aging By Decade page shows a timeline that users can follow to view recommended treatments for each decade of their life. This gives patients a complete picture of how MFPS can help keep them looking their best regardless of age.

Before & After

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center’s new website offers improved design, functionality, and navigability. Now users can better learn about all of what Dr. Yellin and his team have to offer and the stunning result they can deliver.