Medical Aesthetics at Guilford


Medical Aesthetics at Guilford (MAAG) is a medical aesthetics center located in Gainesville, GA that specializes in specialize in non-surgical weight loss solutions, anti-aging and cosmetic procedures, laser tattoo removal, sunspot laser treatments, hair removal, and much more. We had built MAAG’s original website many years ago and with their new office opening, it was time for a makeover.

Web Design

For the new site, MAAG wanted a more tranquil color pallet that no longer included purple. The new color pallet we ended up choosing includes black, peach, and misty rose. We also chose lighter fonts for the heads and paragraph text to give the site a more elegant feel. The new site also features a lot more high-quality imagery to highlight MAAG’s many services and new office location.

Old Navigation

New Navigation

Improved Navigation

The old website’s navigation was somewhat plain and lacked strong call-to-actions. The Services dropdown menu was also not very user-friendly as it required users to open additional submenus to view certain services. The new navigation is cleaner and features a prominent call-to-action to book an appointment. We also converted the Service dropdown menu into a mega menu so users could more easily navigate to their desired service.

Before & After

MAAG’s website is now better than ever and are ready to hit the ground running with their new location.