The Diocesan Leadership Institute


The Diocesan Leadership Institute is an online learning center for those who serve in ministry at the Catholic school and parishes of the Diocese of Bridgeport. The Institute serves as a virtual library, offering creative opportunities for ministry personnel and others to learn more about the Catholic faith. The Diocese of Bridgeport came to Barta Media Group to help turn their vision into a reality. They also asked us to aid in forming a brand for the Institute to firmly establish its presence within the diocese.


When developing the logo of the Leadership Institute, we wanted to design something that would pay homage the Catholic tradition. To do this, we decided to create the logo using design elements from the stained glass art style. We then decided to use color, analogous colors to give it a modern and restful feel.

Web Design

The Leadership Institute also needed a website to promote the learning center and give users a way to access it. Using the color palette of the new brand, we designed a simple website to for users to go to.

On the home page, users are greeted by a video of Bishop Frank Caggiano explaining what the Institute is and what it hopes to achieve. From here, users can access the learning modules as well as read updates put out by the Institute. The Leadership Institute is has become a critical learning tool for the Bridge Dioceses and has helped ministry personnel and others deepen their knowledge in the Catholic faith.

Print Design

We also designed new business cards, a brochure, and retractable banner with the new branding.