Volution, Inc. is a bearing lubrication and modification facility located in Statham, Georgia that specializes in supplying high-performance, microporous solid polymer bearing solutions for various types of industrial environments. Volution came to Barta Media Group in need of a custom-built website with a fresh, new look.

Web Design

For easy usability, Volution’s header navigation was broken down into a primary and secondary menu. The primary menu features the three main services and products Volution offers while the secondary menu gives access to additional information about the company. The home page is organized by serval full-width sections that use high definition background images and bold text.

The Solid Lubricated Bearings page shows a simple breakdown of each type of bearing Volution offers. It also shows additional information about their bearings and explains how they compare to less desirable grease-lubricated bearings. The bearing product pages provide detailed information about each model and has a prominent call-to-action so that customers can easily submit a quote.


The new site was built on WordPress so that the Volution team would have no trouble updating their content, publishing blog posts, and adding additional pages as they need them. The site also uses the latest responsive design techniques to ensure that it looks great on any sized device.

Before & After