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Traditional & Online Advertising

While digital marketing is proving to become the advertising of the future, traditional advertising methods are still a useful way to mass market your brand’s services or products. Barta Media Group can use various media to advertise your goods and services to a wide audience.


Whether online or in the car, many people still listen to the radio on a daily basis. Music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have also proven to be a great platform for advertising. Radio ads don’t take much to produce and can be pushed out quickly. They can also be targeted to listeners based on their music taste, location, and much more.


Billboards have decorated American city centers and highways for decades. They’re big and flashy, making them great for quickly grabbing someone’s attention. But they can’t keep it for long. That’s why billboards must be brief and easy to read. Whether digital or printed, billboards help expose your message to thousands of people every day.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube gets roughly 30 million visitors per day with almost 5 billion videos viewed. That’s a lot of ad time. Advertising on YouTube is way cheaper than television and allows you far more targeting capabilities.

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