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Content Marketing

Good content is one of the most valuable assets a website or marketing campaign can have. High-quality images, graphics, videos, and well-written text all work to convey your brand’s messaging and what you have to offer.

As Atlanta content marketing experts, Barta Media Group creates content that captures your audience’s attention and brings in warm leads for your business. Content marketing comes in many forms:

Each piece of content we create is used to drive home your brand’s messaging and communicate the value you can bring to the lives of customers.

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Pay-Per-Click & Organic Landing Pages

Creating specialized landing pages for PPC campaigns (such as Google Ads) and organic search is a great way to increase conversions and bring in more traffic to your website. In the case of PPC landing pages, taking users to a web page that is highly-focused on selling your product or service and provides an easy way to get in touch with you is incredibly valuable.

Organic landing pages, on the other hand, are pages that are optimized typically for niche keywords or geographical areas around your business to help your website rank on search engines for a wider range of relevant keywords, thusly bringing in more overall traffic. What’s important to know is that both types of landing pages are a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy.

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Video Content Production

Videos have become the preferred way for many users to consume online content. This is exhibited by the fact that social media news feeds now largely consist of video content. Most importantly, this tells brands the type of content they need to be producing in order to keep up with audience demand. While video content takes more time and resources to produce, the payoff can be worth it. Most users today find videos to be more engaging than a blog post or article. So, dedicating some portion of your content production to videos is generally a smart idea.

Once people recognize your business for publishing high-quality videos in your areas of expertise, they’re more likely to return to watch more video and share them with others. Our video production team and partners can help you produce professional video content that will have you standing out from the competition.

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