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While many proclaim that print is dead, we at Barta Media Group disagree. There is still value in giving your customers something they can hold and take with them. Whether it’s a brochure, flyer, or a piece of swag, having that tangible something will keep you in the minds of your customers.


A stylish, easy-to-read banner will catch the attention of any passerby. Hang one outside your storefront or attach one to your trade show or fair table. In these cases, a banner is your first interaction with potential customers. The goal is to stir intrigue so that they’ll want to learn more about what you’re offering. We can also make your banners retractable for easier setup.


Everyone likes to win a prize. So why not give them something with your name on it? Passing out promotional products such as coffee mugs, tote bags, pens—anything you think your customers will like, helps spread your brand’s exposure. The best swag is relevant to your business and can be used daily. This way people will be reminded of you every day and will begin to associate your brand with a certain product or service.

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