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Need help figuring out how to improve your website? With Barta Media Group’s Website Auditing service, you’ll know exactly where to start. Our comprehensive audit will break down your website’s effectiveness into 6 categories. Each category will receive a score along with notes detailing what issues were found. Once the audit is complete, you’ll receive a document containing your scores and recommendations for improvement. Below are the 6 categories our audit covers.

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2. Content

As important as it is for a website to look good, if it doesn’t provide the information people are looking for, it isn’t worth a whole lot. How your content reads and the information it contains greatly impact a user’s ability to understand what your site is about. But content isn’t just text, it’s images and videos as well.

Wordy sentences, weak imagery, and grammatical errors are all things that hurt a website’s messaging. We’ll read through and examine your site’s content to see how effective it is at delivering your brand’s message, capturing your audience’s attention, and providing the information a user would be looking for.

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4. Call-to-Actions

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are what turn your website from lines of code into a money-making machine. Their job is to funnel users to certain pages, perform specific actions, and ultimately lead to conversions. A website without prominent and persuasive CTAs is bound to lose out on sales. Our team will evaluate your site’s CTAs, or lack thereof, to develop ways to improve its conversion rate.

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6. Search Engine Friendliness

In order for a website to be seen by search engines and rank well for highly-search keywords, it needs to play by their rules. But because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving, it’s difficult to maintain a site’s search engine friendliness if you’re not staying informed. We’ll assess your website to see if it’s following best SEO practices so that it can stay competitive in the search ranks.

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