5 Tips for Writing Your Website’s Content

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Tips & Tricks

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One of the hardest aspects of launching a new website is writing content. Figuring out what to say and how to say it well is a challenge for everybody, even seasoned writers. In this post, we’ll cover some practical tips that are sure to make writing your site’s content a less daunting task.

1. Write Down All the Pages Your Website Will Have

The best thing to do before setting out to write your content is to list out all the pages your website will have. This helps to organize your thoughts and shows you how much content you need to write. Doing this can also help you determine if you should combine or group certain pages together, or if you’re leaving any out.

Knowing the number of pages that will need content will also help you to figure out how much time you need to dedicate to writing. Being able to schedule out blocks of writing time will keep you progressing towards your goal.

2. Write Down What You Want Each Page to Cover

Once you know the pages you need to write, the next thing to figure out is what you want them to say. Start by thinking in the broadest terms possible. The simple act of naming your pages should help you think of the topics each one should cover. These topics will work as jumping-off points when it comes time to actually start writing your content.

3. Write Down the Question You Get Asked the Most

If you’re having trouble deciding on what topics your pages should cover, try thinking of all the questions you’re regularly asked by customers about your business. Then write down the answers. Next, take those questions and answers and see what pages they relate to the most. You might discover that you’re missing a page or that you have a few unnecessary ones.

4. Write Your Headings First

After completing the first three steps, try taking what you have and formulate it into headings to organize and structure your pages. Doing this will help you parse out your thoughts so that you can write pages in chunks instead of all at once. Having all of your pages planned out should also make the task of writing less overwhelming.

5. Write Plainly

Now you’re ready to actually start writing your content. With all the upfront work finished, you should be able to breeze through each page section by section. While you’re writing, try not to worry if you sound boring or if sentences aren’t flowing well. Just start with the objective of getting your thoughts out as plainly as possible.

Not only should this make the writing process go faster, it should also help you produce content that’s informative and cuts out any fluff. This bare-bones version of your site’s content can then be used as a scaffolding on which to set the final tone and message you want your content to have.

Time to Get Started!

We hope that by following these five tips you can make writing your site’s content a more productive and enjoyable process. For more content tips check out our post on how to manage and change content on your WordPress website.