If You’re Looking for a Great SEO Company, Be Sure They Offer These Services

by | May 16, 2018 | Marketing, SEO, Tips & Tricks

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Many digital marketing companies that provide SEO services explain what they do in vague terms. They promise increased rankings and traffic, which by all means should be the end goal, but what are they really doing to achieve that? To help you understand the regular activities of a good SEO company, we’ve put together a list of the essential SEO strategies and what they mean in plain English.

Keyword Research

This is an important one. Conducting keyword research is how an SEO company finds the terms and phrases people are using while searching for your products or services. Identifying the search volume, competition, and relevance of any given keyword is how SEO experts determine the keywords a given page should try to rank for. Using long-tail queries (more specific keywords made up of multiple words or phrases) that match the searcher’s intent is just one example of how an SEO company will use keyword research to help optimize your site’s content for search engines.

Redirect old URLs

The purpose of implementing a redirect is to instruct a link that’s heading to one page to go to a different page. This is especially important if you’re replacing an old site with a new one. If certain pages on your old site were seeing a lot of traffic, you don’t want to lose it once you launch your new site. Redirecting old URLs to the ones on your new site will point users and search queries to the right page once the new site has been launched. This essentially supplies the new page with the old page’s established dominance in the search rankings.

Optimize Title Tags

A page’s title tag is the first thing Google looks at to determine what a given page is about. They appear as the page’s title when displayed on a search engine’s results page and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. An accurate keyword-optimized title tag is a fundamental element of an effective SEO strategy.

Add Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the lines of text that appear beneath the title tag on the search engine’s results page. While these aren’t read by Google, they do provide searchers with a summary of what the page is about. Combined with relevant title tags, meta descriptions can improve your click-through rate by enticing users to click.

title and meta description from search results

Adding/Editing Content

Any company that you are paying to help market and maintain your site should do this. Of course, you probably don’t have the time or patience to do this- that’s the reason you’re paying them!  Optimizing the content of your site, updating older pages, and adding new, fresh content are all essential to any SEO campaign.

Optimize Images

This includes reducing the file size of images so they load faster. It also increases the load speed of the overall site which has a major influence on user experience and your site’s rankings.

Add Alt Tags to Images

This provides alternate text to images if some unknown factor causes your images to not display. Alt tags are also in use to provide a description of the image to search engines.

Enable File Compression

By enabling file compression on your site you decrease the size of files on your site without lower quality. This further helps increase the load speed of the site.

Leverage Browser Caching

Leveraging browser caching allows your site to control the way in which different types of content are downloaded. This is done so that visitors’ computers cache certain files, images, and documents so they don’t have to reload as they navigate the site.

Rank Tracking

Exactly what it sounds like. Rank tracking shows you where your site’s pages are ranking for certain keywords.

Monitor Website Analytics

Analytics reports provide insight into how your website is performing, which pages are most popular, where your visitors are located, and much more.

a website's analytics data

Monitor Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides valuable information about your website such as security issues, crawl errors, backlinks, and more. This helps SEO companies maintain a proactive approach and keep your website running smoothly.

Redirect Any Crawl Errors

Crawl errors typically result from old pages that have been deleted or pages that were on older versions of your site. Redirecting pages that cause crawl errors to the most relevant current page, resolves this issue.

Add Structured Data

structured data showing a review in the search results

Structured data provides search engines with additional information about a page and makes it easier to crawl and understand the content. Structured data often shows up in the search results which can improve your click-through rate. You may have seen examples of this with reviews, images, events, and more.

Submit Company Information to Main Data Aggregators

The main data aggregators provide search engines and tons of popular directories with business data. Submitting your company to these data aggregators helps keep your name, address, phone number, and other contact information consistent across the web.

Create and Manage Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is essential to any local SEO campaign. This allows your company to be listed on Google Maps and provides Google with other information such as business descriptions, products/services offered, and contact information.

Google maps screen shot

A broken link is like a door that doesn’t open. Your SEO provider should make sure there are zero broken or incorrect links on the entire site.

Is Your SEO Company Covering All of These Bases?

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