Why You Should Have Your Web Development and Marketing Done by the Same Company

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Marketing, SEO, Web Development

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Every business needs a website. If not to sell products directly to customers, then to let the online world know you exist. But in today’s competitive online marketplace, it’s also not enough to just have a website. People also have to be able to find it. And where do most people do their searching these days? Search engines. This has made search engine marketing or SEO a crucial part of marketing your business online.

So, if every company needs a website and every website needs SEO, wouldn’t it make sense to have the same company do both? We thought the same thing.

SEO & Web Development

In recent years, SEO and web development have come to deeply rely on one another. This comes down to the fact that no amount of SEO can help the rankings of a poorly built website. That’s why websites today have to be built with SEO in mind. This means making sure it is mobile responsive, has fast load speeds, and that the code is structured for search engine legibility. A web development company that also does digital marketing knows all of this and will make sure to build your website to be search engine friendly.

Most SEO and web development companies have discovered how reliant these two services are on one another and have expanded their service offerings to meet client demands. But that doesn’t mean they do a good job at both. In fact, many companies have resorted to outsourcing certain services to keep up with customer expectations. While this can work in the favor of some companies, many clients end up getting burned in the process.

As a result, many business owners have become wary of SEO and web development companies claiming they can do it all. While their suspicions are often justified, there are companies out there that can pull it off. But that usually requires having an in-house team of experts dedicated to each service they offer.

Taking Your Marketing Offline

Developing a new website often comes with rethinking your company’s image. This could mean revamping your logo and stationery designs, updating your color scheme, or just getting a fresh look. Now, would it be nice if that same company that built your website could help you with your offline marketing? This again points to the benefits of working with a web development company with an in-house team of marketing experts.

While they’re designing and building your website, they can also be working on new business cards, letterheads, a billboard, and other print marketing materials. By the time your website is ready to launch, you can have a full marketing package that compliments your new website.

Maintaining visual consistency is incredibly important in marketing, and hiring a company that can meet both your online and offline marketing needs can save you tons of time and money.

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