3 Online Marketing Strategies for 2018 That Every Business Can Use

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Marketing

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With the beginning of a new year, every business should take the time to reassess its marketing efforts. Asking simple questions like: “What worked?” “What didn’t?” “What new channels and audiences should we explore?” can help move you towards a marketing strategy that’s primed for year-long success.

In this post, we’ll cover several marketing tools and strategies any business can use to take their marketing to the next level in 2018.

Social Media Advertising

If you’ve never advertised on social media or have only just dipped your toe in, it’s time to take the plunge. Social media ad marketing is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective marketing tools out there. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram offering robust filtering options, you have the ability to create ad groups so that you can market products and services to your ideal customers.

Social ads are also relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than other forms of pay-per-click advertising. This gives you more room to experiment to see which ads your audiences are most receptive to. You can also post ads in different formats such as videos, graphics, and galleries.

The last thing that makes social media marketing so great is its number of users. Facebook alone has nearly 2 billion active monthly users. Having so many people using social media every day offers businesses endless opportunities to earn new customers and alert loyal ones of specials and new offerings.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to run ads at the top of the search results page for target keywords. These types of ads are best used to achieve top 4 rankings for keywords that are difficult to rank for using SEO strategies.

The cost of an AdWords campaign greatly depends on the keywords you target. Each keyword has its own cost-per-click, so it’s important that you select keywords that are relevant to your business but don’t eat through your budget.

The AdWords advertising platform isn’t as user-friendly as Facebook’s or Instagram’s, so you’ll need to do plenty of research if you plan to run campaigns on your own.

Because there is a learning curve, having a dedicated marketing team to create and manage campaigns can be immensely beneficial. An expert marketing team will be able to create custom landing pages, run ads on a set schedule, and choose target keywords for optimal conversions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy way to keep in touch with your customers. You can use it to notify loyal customers of deals you’re running, updates to your products and services, or solicit feedback. Email marketing is super simple to do and there are plenty of tools out there to help you do it. MailChimp and Constant Contact are two great softwares for setting up email marketing campaigns.

Both allow you to create custom templates so that your emails match the personality of your brand. You can also use them to manage your contact list, schedule email blasts, and view metrics to see how your marketing is performing.

Be Ready for Marketing in 2018

2018 is fast approaching. If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest reviewing your current marketing strategy and trying at least one of the tools mentioned above. It might just be the difference-maker for your company in the new year.

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