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Digital Marketing for Medical & Health Care Clinics

Barta Media Group is here to provide your medical and health care clinic the very best digital marketing services offered in the Atlanta area. After taking the time to understand your business and customers, our team of marketing experts will develop a marketing strategy that will produce outstanding results and help you achieve your business goals.

By providing clinics with all of the latest and most effective digital marketing services, as well as web design and other forms of traditional advertising, we have made it our mission to fulfill your every marketing need. This ensures that we are able to provide long-term and easily-scalable marketing strategies that make a clear difference.

Social Media Marketing

social media campaign for walmart

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a means of marketing your medical business can have huge potential. While some brands will perform better on social media than others, every business has something to gain.

At the most basic level, having a social media business page gives you a direct line of communication to your customers and followers. They can provide you helpful feedback on your products and services as well as promote your business when they engage with your posts.

You can also use social platforms to run highly targeted marketing campaigns. Our social media team will design custom graphics and write the accompanying text for your social ads. And with the help of the highly granular filters and targeting methods these platforms provide, we can tailor your ads to various segments of your consumer base.

Take Your Digital Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

With a wide range of digital marketing services, we provide clinics and medical businesses with every tool they need to achieve online success. In addition to digital marketing, we also offer fully-custom website development and other advertising services. Reach out today to schedule a face-to-face meeting and begin building a greater online presence for your health care clinic. You can also check out our portfolio to view our work.


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