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Barta Media Group has been in business for over 10 years, and a lot has changed since its founding. To reflect that change, we felt it necessary to rebrand and redesign our website to fit our new mold. But with our new aesthetics also comes a new vision for the company. While we will always be committed to the needs of our clients, we also need to develop new ways to accomplish our own goals as well as improve the quality and scope of our services.

For these reasons, Barta Media Group has repositioned itself as a consulting firm with subsidiary brands that will handle various service offerings. With this model, we will be able to broaden our capabilities and extend more well-rounded services to our current and future clients. This is a huge step forward, and we are very excited for what’s to come.


Website Redesign

The primary goal for our new website was to say more with less. This is why you’ll see very little text on the home page. We wanted to give our users the bare minimum without them losing understanding or wanting more. Each panel is designed for optimum usability so that visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for without a second thought.

The website features pages that give further depth into who we are, what we do, and our work. We also have pages dedicated to each of our subsidiaries so that potential clients can learn more about their brand and who they’ll be working with. We want our clients to be completely clear on who will be executing certain services and working on their projects.


Before & After

We at Barta Media Group feel more than prepared for what lies ahead. We can’t wait to see what new challenges and partnerships the future will bring.

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