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Guilford Immediate Care (GIC) is one of Northeast Georgia’s premier urgent care centers with four locations. GIC has been a market client of ours for several years and was in need of a full website redesign.


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Design & Development

One of GIC’s top priorities for their new website was to make it easier for patients to use their telemedicine service. To do this, we placed a bright green call-to-action in the top right corner of the header so that it would be easily noticed by visitors. The website’s design has a wholesome and friendly feel, thanks to the pastel color palette and family-oriented imagery.

The website was developed using responsive design so that it would fit perfectly on any device. It also uses a state-of-the-art content management system so that the GIC staff can easily make changes to their website without the need of a web administrator.

Before & After

GIC’s new website is a big step up from their previous one. With it, they’ll be able to better serve their patients and market their practice online with greater success.

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